Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Look-a-Like Challenge - Part 8

I didn't expect to make another Look-a-Like Challenge post until after WoD was released, but ta-da! Hallow's End brought new goodies that made it possible. :D

Pet: Giant Bone Spider or Desert Spider
Item: Hallowed Wand - Spider (Only available during Hallow's End)

Pet: Jade Oozeling
Item: Hallowed Wand - Slime (Only available during Hallow's End)

This one isn't actually available yet since the pet can't be collected until WoD is released.

I couldn't pass up this chance to add this one to my list, though; I'd have to wait until next year if I didn't take advantage of the holiday event going on right now! So I ended up hopping onto the beta to snap this screenshot. :)

Pet: Weebomination
Item: Hallowed Wand - Abomination (Only available during Hallow's End)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hallow's End Funsies

Happy Hallow's End! The updated in-game holiday is here, and I spent almost my entire day collecting the two new pets and enough Tricky Treats for 10 Yipp-Saron Costumes. Yep, it was a long day.


Collecting Widget the Departed and Cursed Birman was straight forward. It just took a buttload of time and patience. Travel time is a bitch, even with flying.

When I found out Perky Pug costume needed 150 Tricky Treats (same price as one of the new kitties), I decided to collect the two pets on my alts, rather than my main. If my main was still on the same server as my alts, I would have switched that around since the costumes aren't BoP, but alas.

In the end I split up the task of farming Tricky Treats between two alts. Pandaria, Northrend, Outland, then one of the daily quests and a Headless Horseman run was all I needed for one pet each alt. That freed up my main to go out and loot ALL of the candy buckets in the game so she could buy the pug costume. Priorities, damnit. Totally worth it though...

"I am the lucid dream"

In his (dog)house at R'lyeh Elwynn, Cthulhu Perky Pug waits dreaming.

Internet high-five if you get the reference. Love me some Lovecraft!

150 Tricky Treats buys you one bundle (x5) of Yipp-Saron Costumes, but I had enough to buy two bundles (x10). How could I NOT dump all my currency into this awesomeness?! :P

The costume lasts for as long as your pug is out. Loading, re-summoning, etc. removes the costume, sadly. If I could buy these outfits all year 'round (using gold or some other readily available currency), I wouldn't mind so much. But since I only have 10 (9 now since I used one for the screenshot lol) I'm sooo nervous to use them. I don't want to "waste" them accidentally. :(

Anyway, I absolutely love my little old-god haha. :D

Reaching another milestone
I finally earned So. Many. Pets. today!

Collecting the first kitty pushed my unique pets count up to 600, and Stormwing was immediately added to my Pet Journal. Gorgeous.

Part of me feels like I should maybe feel embarrassed for reaching this point, but I don't feel bad about it at all. Sure, I invest my time and energy into pixels in a game (that won't last forever), but it's something I wholeheartedly enjoy. It's not as if it's a quick and easy task either.

So with that in mind, I definitely feel accomplished and proud of this milestone, and I'm even looking forward to the next goal. XD

Doesn't seem quite right...
Last but not least, I don't know what happened post-patch 6.0 but the Feline Familiar seems to have lost her broom. :(

As amusing as I find this, I also really loved the Feline Familiar's adorable little broom. Hopefully floaty-air-kitty is just a bug and she'll get her mount back. I mentioned this to the devs on Twitter but we'll see.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Post-Patch 6.0 Post

Patch 6.0 arrived yesterday and there's been a whirlwind of stuff to do. From updating and adding 92 new pets to WarcraftPets, to getting the two new pets (and pining for the other two!)... I haven't had the time to take a breather and talk about the new pets on my blog. XD

I've collected the two pets that everyone can collect immediately, Iron Starlette and Bronze Whelpling, but I'm still waiting on a Sky-Bo from Blingtron 4000. Damn you little bot, giff me pet! :P I've even enlisted the help of my other half to pick up the daily and check for the pet. Nothing so far. :(

On the plus side, I have two starlettes and whelplings so far; two H/P mechs and an H/P and S/S dragonkin. I'm still doing the pre-expac event on all of my alts, so I'll probably end up with more of those. Hopefully I'll see some other breeds, as there's still discussion on what's better for the two new pets.

Once I collect Sky-Bo (or one other new pet) I'll meet the requirements for the achievement So. Many. Pets. and receive Stormwing. I can't wait! *squees*

Even if I don't manage to get lucky with the new engineering pet, I will most likely complete the achievement this weekend. Hallow's End starts and I'm crossing my fingers for the two new pets, Cursed Birman and Widget the Departed. If the in-game event features the updates, those two pets should be available. Yes please!

There's so much more to do in 6.0, but it was about time for something new! :P

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WoD Faction Pets: Earning Revered

There will be 6 reputations that you'll want to earn at least Revered with in WoD. Each of the factions has a pet associated with it (two pets in one faction's case) that you can purchase for gold and Apexis Crystals.

I've found some invaluable Wowhead guides (linked below) to help explain the rep grinding process for each of the factions, since earning reputation isn't exactly the same as in previous expansions.

Some quests, no dailies, just grinding. Killing mobs generally grants 5 - 16 reputation (not taking into account reputation bonuses), depending on the difficulty of the creature killed.

Summary: Just complete all of the related quests and you should be Revered by the end. If not, kill level 100 mobs in specific areas of Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor) for additional reputation.
Summary: Just complete all of the related quests and you should be Revered by the end. If not, kill level 100 mobs in specific areas of Frostfire Ridge for additional reputation.
Summary: Completing all of the related quests will get you Honored but you need to be Revered to purchase the pet. To earn the rest, kill level 100 mobs in specific areas of Spires of Arak.
Summary: Kill level 100 elite mobs in northern Nagrand (Draenor) and/or loot caches in the surrounding area to collect items to turn in for rep. Named elite mobs drop special items that reward an especially larger chunk of reputation.
Summary: No quests or dailies. Kill level 100 mobs in specific areas of Talador to earn reputation. Accessing the quartermaster requires a garrison Trading Post, level 2.
Summary: No quests or dailies. Kill level 100 mobs in specific areas of Gorgrond to earn reputation. Accessing the quartermaster requires a garrison Trading Post, level 2.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Confirmed and Possible 6.0 Pets

Patch 6.0 is just around the corner. Ready? I'm not! There are still many things to do for WarcraftPets in preparation for the patch and expansion. It's the last minute crunch to get it all done in time. x_x

So what will 6.0 have to offer us pet collectors? At least two new pets!


The two confirmed pets are the "Iron horde" pets, the Iron Starlette and Bronze Whelpling. You'll be able to collect these pets by participating in the pre-expansion content. Complete the quest chain for the starlette and kill some (or a lot) of Ironmarch orcs in Blasted Lands for the whelpling. Both pets are cageable.

Other pets that MIGHT be available in patch 6.0, but haven't been confirmed yet. The availability of these pets will all depend on whether or not the patch releases the new content for each in-game event.

Grommloc, the BlizzCon 2014 pet, should also be available prior to the expansion's release since the convention is before the release date, but we'll see. I've got my Virtual Ticket, so I'm ready for at least that! XD

EDIT: Stormwing may also be available to collect in 6.0. You get this pet for completing So. Many. Pets. (collect 600 unique pets). On the PTR this achievement is present, but we'll see if it's released with the patch on live servers.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beta Testers: Do You Have Any of These Pets?

I've started the process of adding the WoD pets into new pet profiles on WarcraftPets, but I'm missing some pets on the beta so my data is incomplete.

If you're on the beta and have any of the pets listed below, please get in contact with me either through Twitter, in this forum thread, a comment on this blog post, or a message on WarcraftPets. You can also mail/whisper Quintessence in-game on the PVE realms (leveling and the 100 premade server).
Albino River Calf
Ancient Nest Guardian
Bone Wasp
Deathwatch Hatchling
Eye of Observation
Forest Sproutling
Frostwolf Ghostpup
Land Shark
Lanticore Spawnling
Lil' Leftovers
Nightshade Sproutling
Ore Eater
Sea Calf
Sentinel's Companion
Servant of Demidos
Sky Fry
Son of Sethe
I have a few questions about the pets if you have the time to sit down and poke at it for a little bit. Information gathered will help make the new pet profiles on WarcraftPets more accurate and complete.
1.) What is the pet's quality when added to the Pet Journal?

2.) Does it make any noise when you click on it? When left alone to idle (periodic and/or constant noises)? When moving?

3.) Does it have any idle animations? What about interactions with other pets, critters, players, or the environment?

Any and all assistance is appreciated! :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Preview of the Two New Pets Coming In Patch 6.0

With WoD being released in early November, it's only logical that the pre-expansion patch (6.0) will be coming out some time in October. My original plan was to hold off on spoiling the 6.0 content by playing on the PTR, but because of my own curiosity obligations to WarcraftPets, I needed to check out the details of the two new pets coming with the patch. *cough* Uhm, yea. Obligations. :P

Anyway, I went through the pre-expac quest chain. It was straight-forward and fairly easy. You don't truly appreciate the ability to fly until you don't have it, and after being on the beta for so long, it was as if the world was made 100 times more open and free.

The storyline can be completed in a relatively short amount of time; you'll receive the Iron Starlette at the end. This pet is not bound on pick up and can be caged, so even if the 6.0 quest chain is removed once WoD is released, there may be a chance to find this pet on the AH. Or Blizzard might find another place for this pet, in the same way Gahz'rooki was moved from a vendor to a drop. In any case, if you *can* obtain it while the quest is available, why wouldn't you? :)

Some commentary on this pet: With the current breeds on the PTR and its moveset, some are speculating that the Iron Starlette could be the new Fluxfire Feline (pre-nerf).

If you're newer to Pet Battles and are unsure what all the fuss is about, when the mechanical feline (commonly referred to as FFF or FF) was first implemented, it came in a Power breed and had a moveset that made it possible to two shot most pets with startling ease. Naturally this upset the balance of the game, and the FFF had to be nerfed.

It's still unclear whether or not the starlette will sit in the same boat as the original FFF, but there's already some solid discussion on it over at the WarcraftPets forum. Thank goodness for the pet theory-crafters; I would be so oblivious and in the dark otherwise!

And on an aesthetic note, while the Iron Starlette is adorable (who wouldn't love their very own little fiery ball of death?), I'm really disappointed that it doesn't have any idle interaction. I would have loved to see it roll over and kill critters in a fiery blaze. Unfortunately, after sitting and staring at this pet while next to a critter on the PTR for some time, it didn't appear to do anything other than idle around. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe I didn't wait long enough. One can only hope that that's the case, but I doubt it (I waited for a damn long time!).

Bronze at last

The second new pet that will be available once patch 6.0 arrives is the Bronze Whelpling. Keeping in line with the other whelpling pets, she's a drop from the Iron Horde mobs in the 6.0 questing area (revamped Blasted Lands, level 90).

Initially, I wasn't sure if I should kill normal mobs or the elite ones, but in the end I just parked myself next to a group of normal Ironmarch Grunts and killed them for about 30 minutes (of course each person's experience will vary, I might have just been very lucky).

The mobs have a quick respawn time, so if you can find yourself a good spot with a few spawns nearby, you should rack up kills in no time. Even though I killed only grunts, I think any of the normal "Ironmarch" orcs in the area will have a chance to drop the pet.

It's unknown whether or not the Bronze Whelpling will stick around after the pre-expac content is over, but my guess is yes. Gahz'rooki is a pet with a similar history of being implemented during a world event content patch that led up to Siege of Orgrimmar, and once the content was removed the pet was relocated somewhere else in the world so that it would still be available to collect. I can't see any reason why the Bronze Whelpling wouldn't receive the same treatment. But even if the Bronze Whelpling was made no longer available as a drop, the pet is not bind on pick up and can be caged.

Whatever happens, I guess I'll be spending some time in Blasted Lands in October. I can't wait to collect another whelpling! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Detailed Garrison Progression For WoD

Blizzard recently released an informative article on garrison progression, Garrison Preview Part 2—All -Buildings Great and Small.

Some notable points that should be kept in mind:
- Level 1 blueprints all become available to you when your Garrison reaches Tier 2.

- Level 2 blueprints become available at different times depending on their size:
Small buildings: Reach level 96 or complete the Talador zone.
Medium buildings: Reach level 98 or complete the Spires of Arak zone.
Large buildings: Reach level 100 or complete the Nagrand zone.
- Level 3 blueprints become available as you complete certain achievements across Draenor.

- Level 3 blueprints are account-wide. Once you unlock one on a character, it’s available to all characters on your account.
Note: You don't actually have to complete the entire zone to unlock blueprints of your appropriate level. The blueprints on the vendor have a tooltip that reads, "Requires (zone) Outpost or level XX".

The outpost unlock often involves just the first quest chain of a zone, but will require a follow up storyline in one area (see below).

(Alliance) garrison progression in WoD:
The ultimate goals are to unlock and fully upgrade the Menagerie, plus open up and upgrade plots as soon as possible to start amassing materials to craft the pets. I went through 90-100 on beta again to record a specific itinerary.

1. Level 90-93 = Build level 1 garrison w/ 1 Large Plot + 1 Small plot

2. Level 91-93 = Upgrade garrison to level 2, Build another Large Plot + Small Plot
2a.) Level 92 = Fully unlock Mines, upgrade Mines to level 2
- level 2 blueprint requires level 2 garrison
3. Level 94-100 = Build and level current/existing plots, unlock other plots
3a.) Level 94 = Fully unlock Fishing shack, upgrade Fishing Shack level 2
- level 2 blueprint requires level 2 garrison
- start doing daily quest
3b.) Level 94-96 = Upgrade small plots
- blueprint requirement: complete Talador "Establishing your Outpost" storyline
3c.) Level 96 = Fully unlock Herb Garden, upgrade Herb Garden level 2
- level 2 blueprint requires level 2 garrison
3d.) 96-98 = Upgrade Medium plots
- blueprint requirement: complete Spires of Arak "Shadows Gather" storyline, go back to Veil Terokk, do followup quests there, go back to Southport, complete "Securing Southport" storyline
3e.) 98-100 = Upgrade Large plots
- blueprint requirement: complete Nagrand "The Might of Steel and Blood" storyline
4. Level 100 = Upgrade garrison to level 3
4a.) Unlock Menagerie, upgrade Menagerie to level 2
- start doing daily quest
4b.) Upgrade Menagerie level 3, unlock Mastering the Menagerie daily
- blueprint requirement: Draenic Pet Battler achievement (can complete this at any level)
4c.) Upgrade all other plots to level 3
- level 3 blueprints require a specific achievement related to the plot/profession

Note: Although the Menagerie plot and NPC appears at the same time as the Mine, Herb Garden, and Fishing Shack, unlike these three, you can't actually pick up a quest to unlock it until your garrison is upgraded to level 3. This might be slightly confusing since the unlock quest, Pets Versus Pests, only requires level 98 to start and is advertised as such in most guides.

One would think that with a level requirement of 98, you could pick it up at 98 and open up the Menagerie at that point, right? Nope. The actual level needed for the Menagerie is 100, as that is the only time you can upgrade the garrison to level 3.

Hopefully I can stick fairly close to my proposed plan; I don't think there will be any extreme deviation. I should be all set for WoD :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Crafting the Profession Pets In WoD

There will be quite a few pets that come from professions in WoD, and since my ultimate goal is to be self-sufficient in the expansion, I decided to review the necessary steps/stuff. I'll probably need to employ the help of my alts if I want to craft all the pets myself.

Just to clarify, I'm only looking at pets crafted with Blacksmithing, Engineering and Tailoring. I have yet to take a closer look at the pets from Mining, Herbalism, Archaeology, Fishing and Cooking.

And as always, things could change between this writing and WoD's release. :)

Blacksmithing Pet

The first pet is probably the "easiest" and most convenient pet to craft out of the three professions. Almost everything you need is right there at your fingertips at The Forge.

First you should probably build The Forge on a small plot inside your garrison. This will open up a vendor who sells recipes only available to characters with the Blacksmithing profession (includes the recipe for the pet).

Next, you must obtain Draenor Blacksmithing by either buying it with gold from The Forge vendor, or finding it as a world drop in Draenor. After that it's just a matter of collecting the mats to purchase the recipe that teaches you how to craft the pet, and then finally creating the pet itself!

Soul of the Forge recipe costs 1 Secret of Draenor Blacksmithing
- 5 True Iron Ore to craft the Secret (has a cooldown)
Crafting the pet needs:
- 10 Sorcerous Fire (byproduct of certain professions)
- 50 Truesteel Ingot (A and/or B)
A: Per crafted (has a cooldown)
- 20 True Iron Ore
- 10 Blackrock Ore
B: Per The Forge Work Order (completed every few hours, can queue up multiple orders)
- 5 True Iron Ore

Ore for the ingots can be collected by anyone, regardless if you have Mining as a profession, from the garrison Mine. Upgrading the Mine will open up more nodes and more Work Orders with a higher ore yield.

You automatically learn how to create Truesteel Ingots when you use the Draenor Blacksmithing recipe, but the ingots can also be obtained through Work Orders at The Forge (does not require you to have Blacksmithing as a profession but they are BoP). Utilizing both the orders and cooldown is probably the most efficient. The higher your Blacksmithing skill and the level of your Forge, the more ingots you'll receive per craft and Work Order.

Every so often, you'll receive Sorcerous Fire as a byproduct when creating Truesteel Ingots (crafted or Work Order). This is not guaranteed, though, and sometimes you'll receive Sorcerous Earth instead (hang onto those!) or no bonus material at all.

Sorcerous Fire isn't exclusive to Blacksmithing and The Forge. It can also be obtained from Alchemy (Alchemy Lab plot), Engineering (Engineering Works plot), and Enchanting (Enchanter's Study). If you build any of these plots but don't have the profession associated with it, you still have a chance to loot Sorcerous Fire from the Work Orders of each building. Much like Truesteel Ingots, the byproduct is not guaranteed and Sorcerous Fire shares its droprate with other "Sorcerous materials". Sorcerous Fire is not BoP, so you could buy/trade it as well.

In the end you really only need two plots to craft this pet, The Forge and perhaps the Mine (if you don't have access to a toon with Mining).

Engineering Pets

I would rate the Engineering pets as the second "easiest" out of the bunch. You'll need to have at least Engineering skill level 50 due to the requirement of an Arclight Spanner in the schematics OR access to a Gnomish Army Knife.

In the same fashion as the Blacksmithing pet, you'll want to build the Engineering Works. The vendor will sell budding Engineers Draenor Engineering for gold as well as the schematics for the pets for 1 Secret of Draenor Engineering each. Learning this will teach you all the recipes you'll need to craft the pets, but not the schematics for the pets themselves.

Note: If you build the Engineering plot even though you don't know the profession, the NPC will be able to craft these pets for you once you upgrade the Engineering Works to level 3. This seems to be the only plot that will craft the pets for you if you don't have the profession.

Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar schematic costs 1 Secret of Draenor Engineering
- 5 True Iron Ore to craft the Secret (has a cooldown)
Crafting the pet needs:
- 40 Sumptuous Fur
- 50 Gearspring Parts (A and/or B)
A: Per crafted (has a cooldown)
- 10 True Iron Ore
- 10 Blackrock Ore
B: Per Engineering Works Work Order (completed every few hours, can queue up multiple orders)
- 2 True Iron Ore
- 2 Blackrock Ore 

Mechanical Axebeak schematic costs 1 Secret of Draenor Engineering
- 5 True Iron Ore to craft the Secret (has a cooldown)
Crafting the pet needs:
- 50 Gearspring Parts (A and/or B)
A: Per crafted (has a cooldown)
- 10 True Iron Ore
- 10 Blackrock Ore
B: Per Engineering Works Work Order (completed every few hours, can queue up multiple orders)
- 2 True Iron Ore
- 2 Blackrock Ore 

Mechanical Scorpid schematic costs 1 Secret of Draenor Engineering
- 5 True Iron Ore to craft the Secret (has a cooldown)
Crafting the pet needs:
- 10 Blackrock Ore
- 30 Gearspring Parts (A and/or B)
A: Per crafted (has a cooldown)
- 10 True Iron Ore
- 10 Blackrock Ore
B: Per Engineering Works Work Order (completed every few hours, can queue up multiple orders)
- 2 True Iron Ore
- 2 Blackrock Ore 

As mentioned above, the recipes to craft these pets requires an Arclight Spanner OR a Gnomish Army Knife/Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife/Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife.

An anvil is also necessary to create the Gearspring Parts. One option is to build The Forge, but if you'd rather not use up another small plot, you can always run over to the Mine inside your garrison and find an anvil there. Additionally, you can always craft/buy a Thermal Anvil of your own.

Ore can be collected by anyone, regardless if you have Mining as a profession, from the garrison Mine. Upgrading the Mine will open up more nodes and more Work Orders with a higher ore yield.

The Sumptuous Fur has a chance to drop from mobs around Draenor, but if you build a Barn you can trap Talbuks and Wolves to begin Work Orders for fur. The fur isn't BoP so you could buy/trade it too. The way I see it though, is you'll need to build a Barn to collect the Pygmy Cow on at least one toon, so why not make use of the Work Orders while you're at it? XD

Tailoring Pet

I consider this last one the toughest out of all the crafted profession pets mentioned in this post. Why is it more difficult to craft the Elekk Plushie? Who knows, but my guess is you need to save up a lot of love and magic to fill its insides with. :P

Using the same process as the other two, you will need to build the Tailoring Emporium in a small plot, purchase Draenor Tailoring, learn it and then get started on collecting the mats.

Elekk Plushie pattern costs 5 Secrets of Draenor Tailoring
- 5 Sumptuous Fur each Secret (has a cooldown)
Crafting the pet needs:
- 10 Sorcerous Earth (byproduct of certain professions)
- 50 Hexweave Cloth (A and/or B)
A: Per crafted (has a cooldown)
- 20 Sumptuous Fur
- 10 Gorgrond Flytrap
B: Per Tailoring Emporium Work Order (completed every few hours, can queue up multiple orders)
- 5 Sumptuous Fur

Unlike the other two professions, you need to make five secrets before you can even learn how to craft the Elekk Plushie. This results in a five day wait due to the crafting cooldown on the Secret. Yikes.

On top of this, if you want to maximize your daily yield of Hexweave Cloth (by utilizing both the crafting cooldown and Work Order), you'll also need to unlock the Herb Garden in your garrison. Anyone can pick herbs there, regardless if you have the Herbalism skill or not. Upgrading the garden opens up more nodes for you to pick, but the Gorgrond Flytrap isn't guaranteed to spawn in your Herb Garden. You can also place Work Orders for herbs, at the cost of 5 Draenic Seeds each order.

The Sumptuous Fur has a chance to drop from mobs around Draenor, but if you build a Barn you can trap Talbuks and Wolves to begin Work Orders for fur. The fur isn't BoP so you could buy/trade it too.

The Sorcerous Earth used in the recipe may be a little tricky to obtain. Unlike Blacksmithing which is fairly self-sustaining, Tailoring will need to rely on other professions for this material.

Sorcerous Earth is a byproduct of Blacksmithing (The Forge plot), Inscription (Scribe's Quarters plot), Leatherworking (The Tannery plot), and Jewelcrafting (Gem Boutique plot). If you build any of these plots but don't have the profession associated with it, you still have a chance to loot Sorcerous Earth from the Work Orders of each building. Sorcerous Earth isn't a guaranteed drop and it shares its droprate with other "Sorcerous materials". Sorcerous Earth is not BoP, so you could buy/trade it as well.

Extra Notes
All of these pets can be crafted by characters with the appropriate professions of any skill level. I dropped Alchemy and picked up Blacksmithing on the beta, and despite only having a skill of 1, I was still able to start working towards making the Soul of the Forge.

The only profession that *might* be skill dependent is Engineering, because of the Arclight Spanner. There is a work around for that though, but that's only if you can get your hands on a Gnomish Army Knife.

All recipes can be purchased in your faction's city in Ashran (once you've completed the initial zone quests) in addition to the plots in your garrison. The cost should be the same at both places.
Recommended miscellaneous plots:
- Mines
- Herb Garden
- Barn
You'll want to unlock and upgrade your Mine as soon as you can since the majority of the crafted pets require ore. I would place the Herb Garden as second or even third in priority, the Barn possibly being more essential than the garden because of fur Work Orders.

When upgrading either the Mine or the Herb Garden, be sure you go through and loot all of the nodes first. Once you level the plot up to the next tier, it will spawn a new set of nodes even if the day hasn't reset/rolled over yet.

Profession skill level, plot level, and whether or not you've assigned an appropriate follower to your profession plot -- all of these factors help determine how many mats you use/receive each time you place a Work Order or use the crafting cooldown. Higher skill and higher plot level means better yield.

And last but not least, here's a quick list regarding "Sorcerous stuff". With Fire and Earth coming from multiple professions, it gives us a little more freedom to build what we want and what's appropriate for each toon.
Sorcerous Fire - Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Enchanting

Sorcerous Earth - Blacksmithing, Inscription, Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting
Depending on which buildings you set up in your garrison, you'll need different materials to start each profession's Work Order.

We get a total of three small plots in the garrison. If you're ok with giving up the Salvage Yard and Storehouse, you could have one plot dedicated to the profession that crafts the pet, one for your secondary profession (if it's not Herbalism, Mining or Skinning), and the last plot would exist to help supply more materials to craft the pet from the first plot. It's entirely up to you, though!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Progressing On the Beta - Cows, Spores, and Dailies

I've accomplished quite a bit on the beta recently, mostly thanks to the information shared by the collecting/battling community! :)

Moo, damnit

The first bit of collecting occurred when I received a Tweet about a certain little cow. Thanks to @JiangWing I was quickly a happy owner of the Pygmy Cow.

You can collect this pet once you've upgraded you garrison Barn to level 3. A special mug will spawn on either the first or second floor, and looting it will yield the pet.

I found mine on the second floor, but there was no obvious way up. You need to use some creative mechanics; the engineering goblin glider comes to mind. But I'm no engineer so I used Wing's recommendation and built a level 2 Gnomish Gearworks. The main thing I was looking for with the gearworks was the XD-57 "Bullseye" Guided Rocket Kit. The item you can loot from this plot changes each day, so I was lucky that the rocket spawned that particular day!

Using the rocket, I managed to get up onto the second floor and collected my adorable little cow. The mug that you're looking for doesn't have any type of glow or indication that it can be looted, until you hover over it with your cursor. As mentioned before, it can spawn on the first floor as well. Usually among the other mug props, so I would be sure to check each one of those if you can't find it on the second floor.

Seeing stars spores
I finally got around to collecting the different spore pets of Draenor. There are currently only three available, two of which required some time to find.

The first one is a drop from a rarespawn named Rotcap. It's a straight forward find, and there's already a Wowhead map to help you find him. :P Rotcap drops the Brilliant Spore.

The second and third spore pets were a bit harder to collect. They require some jumping around and can be obtained by looting spore-like objects found in their respective zones.

Crimson Spore comes from a Strange Spore in Gorgrond. A map to indicate where to look doesn't exist yet, so I had to go by descriptions detailed by other players. Here's the location of the spore on the map:

(click image to enlarge)

You'll find protruding red fungus things on the side of the cliff. The Strange Spore can be found on one of those "fungus stairs", and is fairly easy to get to. Jumping around is your friend. :)

The last spore, Umbrafen Spore, was the hardest to find and reach. It's located in Shadowmoon Valley, and can also be looted from a Strange Spore. Head to Elodor, and follow the road all the way up the mountain. Climb as far as you can up the mountain located north-west of Elodor, and then jump down to the largest mushroom nearby. Here's a map so you can see which mushroom I'm talking about:

(click image to enlarge)

It took me a few tries to actually find it, but the jumping portion was easy. This spore was tricky because I couldn't actually see the lootable object from a distance and I had to be practically on top of it to finally spot it. There was a lot of guessing, jumping, not finding anything on one mushroom, and then climbing the mountain to start all over again.

The spore pets are lovely in color, but they have a balloon-type syndrome. That is, instead of free floating like a spore should, they're currently tied to a rope (like a balloon). Hopefully that will be sorted out prior to WoD's release. XD

Ding! One thousand

The last bit of progression I've made on the beta is probably the biggest one. I finally unlocked the level 3 Menagerie! Whew. After collecting all of the available wild pets, I still had about 300 Draenor pet battles to complete. Using a tip from @patf0rd about single pet fights that still existed, I cheesed the rest of my way to 1000.

Once I finished the achievement, I purchased the level 3 blueprint and was all set to take a firsthand look at the new daily quest. It completely replaces the previous daily quest available from the level 1 and 2 Menagerie, but only for your toons that upgrade to Menagerie level 3. Side note, once you've unlocked the blueprints, all of your characters can purchase it (regardless of faction) if eligible. Hooray for only having to complete the achievement once!

Mastering the Menagerie has the same objectives as the daily it replaces, but the rewards are much better. In addition to the same number of Pet Charms, you also have a chance to loot one of seven new pets from the Big Bag of Pet Supplies. The pets don't have a 100% droprate and seem to be randomized (they don't correspond to the pet you have to defeat for that day).

Oddly enough, the daily isn't account-wide so if you have multiple high level toons with a level 3 Menagerie, you can increase your chances of getting the new pets. Another reason why WoD is feeling more and more like the expansion that "forces" us to spread our time across many different characters. But that's a different discussion. ;P

Doing the daily on two toons the first day (an alliance and a horde) only netted me one pet, the Sunfire Kaliri. Absolutely gorgeous!

On the second day, I scored two pets, one from each daily reward bag. Puddle Terror and Ghastly Kid.

These pets ARE cageable, so I expect to see these pets up on the AH quite a bit. I'm sure if you power through and reach level 3 Menagerie early in the expansion (and on multiple toons), you could make some decent gold by selling these MtM pets. I don't play the AH all that much, though, so I'll probably just hang onto the pets and any duplicates I get. Maybe I'll hand them out as gifts? :)

If undergoing the 1k Draenor pet battles grind doesn't sound like it's something you want to do, you could just wait until these pets pop up for sale. I don't think there's any prerequisite to add them to your Pet Journal. They probably won't be cheap initially; it's up to each collector to determine which one is worse: 1k battles or paying an arm and leg. For me, I'll probably just do the grind.

There are only seven MtM pets unfortunately, so I can't imagine this content will last us for very long. Especially for those that have many characters that complete the daily. Blizzard could always add more pets as drops from the daily to keep us interested, but that's probably only a temporary solution. We'll see what happens.
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